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An opportunity to market your brand or product on the GLONGOO™ website

Although it is free to advertise your products and services on GLONGOO™, we also offer individuals, businesses and organisations the opportunity to gain prominence on the GLONGOO website by buying prime site advertising space.

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Set up your own private GLONGOO™

This is an opportunity for associations, affiliations businesses or organisations to use GLONGOO™'s advanced software packages to set up a private space, connecting disparate elements of businesses, organisations or associations at a local, national or international level.

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GLONGOO™ is perfectly designed for finding missing children

The GLONGOO™ system is the perfect way of making contact with missing children or finding information about people who have gone missing. It is completely confidential. Although both parties will be put in touch with each other, they will not have access to the other person's e mail address, geographic address or telephone number. Thus, the system is specially designed to deter abuse on the Internet. Information of whereabouts can only be communicated with the consent of both parties.

The GLONGOO™ system is particularly useful for helping estranged people get in touch or information be passed on to those who are looking for it. The system could also be used for locating missing pets or lost and found objects. It is constructed to match those who want with those who have. It is therefore the perfect system for putting people in touch or for those who know information about people or lost objects.

The GLONGOO™ website is completely free to use.

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