The Coming Together. A GLONGOO™.
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Welcome to GLONGOO™

Congratulations on discovering GLONGOO™ This is your chance to enter the unique world of GLONGOO™, making matches and connections between people. All you have to do is sign up for free.

By signing up you are entering into a new, wonderful world of GLONGOO™. You can start immediately by simply entering your name, email address and up to 20 keywords about yourself, your business or anything of interest that you HAVE and want to sell or provide for someone else. It could be a product, knowledge, expertise, social connection or a service you are offering. On the other hand, if you want to buy or are looking for a product, knowledge, expertise or a service etc., enter up to 20 keywords in the I WANT box.

GLONGOO™ is the the story of Evolution

Before the Big Bang, nothing existed. There was a vacuum. Time, matter, even the concept of nothingness or zero did not exist. Nothing existed. But what could fill nothing?

Yet something was sucked into this nothingness. Then this something was forced to extend out in all directions as a vast explosion at the speed of light towards infinity.

In the wake of this expanding trail was the first appearance of organised matter in its infinitely small, sub-atomic, particulate form.

This was the earliest Coming Together. This was the condensation of matter by things. This connecting together signalled the beginning of what we now call evolution. This was a never-ending process of the coming together or connecting of all matter into organised form.

This Coming Together is our symbol for GLONGOO™

GLONGOO™ is about making connections. Connections are valuable; chaos is not. We want to help you get connected.

By summarising your life skills and offerings in 20 keywords, GLONGOO™ can make connections for you by matching you with people who are trying to find you.

Please sign up using the registration form and then you can create an infinite number of GLONGOO™'s by entering 20 keywords about them. One GLONGOO™ could be about yourself, another about your business, another about something you are selling and maybe another about something you want. GLONGOO™ will then make it happen for you.

Advantages of GLONGOO™

Unlike search engines, you do not need an expensive web site in order to advertise anything on GLONGOO™.

We do not just cater for those who have items for sale. You can also create adverts to offer services, show that you are looking for something or someone, knowledge, expertise or intellectual property.

You are in control of the keywords that relate to your advertisement.

This means you are in control of your own destiny. It also means you can construct what you want to say according to your own requirements.

Many search technologies used on the Internet today are focused on the companies that produce them rather than those who use them.

GLONGOO™ allows users to make connections based on the input they want to give out rather than what we give them.

The accuracy of a GLONGOO™ is defined by what is wanted matched with what is offered.

Searches go in only one direction; a Match is a two-way connection.

Its big advantage as a system is its ability to select by relevance.

Finally, the most important factor is that it is completely FREE to advertise any number of GLONGOO™'s using our system.

Why choose anyone else!


By way of contrast to many other web-sites, GLONGOO™ keeps all your private information strictly confidential.

GLONGOO™ will never reveal personal information, such as your name, e mail, home or geographic address or any identifying information about you. It will only reveal your Screen Name, the keywords submitted, and the relevance score that is needed in order to make a Match.

All connections between parties will be processed via the GLONGOO™ Database and Connections system in a strictly confidential and secure manner.

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